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SiFu wrote:


... allthough I am not sure about the saturation levels on my mobile-display (here the colours look oversaturated quite a bit, this may well be the viewing device though).

The lens is no slouch either, if you are indeed talking about the old (in-between) compensating version, it could indeed be a worthy contender for a short/medium macro crown on this side of 1:1; I have three versions of the 55/3.5 myself and while all are good, only the compensating one really shines imho.



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carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

SiFu-san Thank you very much for your quick reply and appropriate critique. In fact it may be usually very difficult to be free from saturation of red color. So I usually decrease exposure level as -2/3 to avoid saturation in red flower and light crowds. When monitor display on D750 and histograms of developing application SILKEYPIX suggest that saturation did not occur.  But in red rose more decreasing may be needed.

Following are the developing condition just before transferring to 16 bit tiff from Nikon RAW.  I use MITSUBISHI Diamondcrystal RDT272WX 1920*1080 as my monitor.

I will not deny your impression on the saturation and i hope your comment and discussion more

I will post a image from same RAW after more decreasing its exposure level by SILKEYPIX in my reply for Bernard Delley-san's  comment.

Best Regards

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Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.
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