Samsung NX500 vs Fuji X-T20

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Re: Samsung NX500 vs Fuji X-T20

robyfor wrote:

Goodmorning everyone. There are some years that use Samsung NX3000 with different lenses. They are satisfied with the results. They are willing to purchase another mirrorless camera. I am very interested in Fuji X-T20 but it costs about € 1,100. Alternatively, it can also affect the NX500; this way I can use different lenses I (30mm f2 .... 16mm f2.4 16-50mm ... ...). The only doubt I have is related to the fact that Samsung no longer produces, and this fact limits me in the choice. NX500 used in good condition find it at about € 430, and in this way I could continue using the lenses I have. I have read the characteristics of the NX500 and is clearly superior in many aspects of NX3000. I read several comparisons between x-t20 and NX500 and NX500 comes out poorly by comparison. NX500 is, however, a 2-year mirrorless while x-t20 is the latest generation. What advice can you give me? Thank you

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Stop time with photography!

Just an example of things NOT being greener on the other side.

I have concluded from other forums and posters I know that this is indeed a serious problem for Fuji users and applies to most (if not all) zooms under 55mm.

Just a reminder that we still do not have perfect cameras, and even premature, NX1 was a great achievement technically and ergonomically.

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