Message to Fujifilm: "Superb lens with camera shake = crap photo"

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Re: Message to Fujifilm: "Superb lens with camera shake = crap photo"

stevo23 wrote:

Again, this appears to be a very Japanese way of saying "NO". Here is the whole quote:

IBIS has both advantages and disadvantages. IBIS moves the sensor in the mount to stabilize the image. To secure the amount of light at any position, the diameter of mount must cover the wider image circle considering the margin of sensor movement. The diameter of our mount was designed for the image circle without IBIS.

The Sony E mount is 46mm, and offers IBIS for a full frame sensor.

Fuji's X mount is 44mm (5% smaller), while the sensor is 50% smaller, I don't understand when Fuji claims their mount diameter is the limiting factor in their implementation of IBIS! If their reason was something more plausible, I wouldn't be here posting on this thread.

This claim, and the claim that their CFA is random, makes me question ALL claims from their marketing/PR departments, and kind of resonates with the OP's point;

"Fujifilm's almost brazen, arrogant Steve-Job's-like statement -- "Fujifilm knows better than its users, so suck it up. We can do IBIS but we're not going to" -- flies in the face of the recent survey where most people want IBIS."

Sure the tone is inflammatory, but the message kind of makes sense.

Fuji is a great company, their optics, body design and JPEG departments are genius. But their marketing and PR departments are making claims that don't make sense, and are kind of insulting the intelligence of their users.

We bought into it will eyes wide open and we're happy.

Indeed. I am very happy with my new system and migrated knowing full well I would lose IBIS.

But why all this hate for the suggestion to offer a feature that might make us even happier?

It's not hate, it's weariness. You sound happy already, I don't find your approach bothersome. But the OP sounds like a child stomping his foot. He doesn't have Fuji now and he wants us to hear his childish rant to Fuji. Oh how fun.

Wanted to clarify that the hate comment wasn't directed at you. I think your responses have been fair and respectful

And about the OP's childish rant, to be fair his post would not have gotten this much attention if his tone wasn't exactly the way it was

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