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Re: RX100?

I got the cheap belt holster clip thingy yesterday. Was perfect for a busy night market. Cycling today it fell off as the camera base screw must have rotated whilst peddling, wasn't very comfortable either. Will certainly invest in the Peak Design or other good brand version.

I found today that cycling slow one handed doing street photos was great fun. Took lots more than I usually would have in areas I would never of walked. Will use the 12-32 for that as it has stabilization. Plus use S mode to keep the shutter speed high. Will probably use the clip on a shoulder holster for easy access.

To answer the original question; I would therefore recommend the G85 as it has superb ergonomics like my G7, plus extra stabilization and weather proofing. The 25mm 1.7 prime was the ideal focal length. However many shots won't be level when cycling, so they will need cropping.

Therefore, as you wanted a pancake prime the G85 with the 14mm f2.5 sounds good if one handed cycling is a possibility (I wouldn't consider the 20mm or 17mm pancakes as they are slow to focus).

May as well get either the 12-32 or 12-60 kit zooms too as they are just 100 extra and both excellent. I will set my 12-32 around 25+ whilst cycling, around 17 whilst walking streets and 12 when walking in the countryside.

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