Scaling values in RGB color spaces

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Re: Scaling values in RGB color spaces

dbm305 wrote:

Civilised discussion, in which knowledgeable people figure out what's right and converge on the truth thanking each other for their contributions. Can this really be the Internet?

Yeah. I don't really understand some of what passes for internet discourse. But this thread didn't exhibit the usual heat and I can only assume it was the professionalism of the commenters. That said, my goal is always to learn and increase my base of knowledge. As such, I find I learn the most when I'm wrong, not when I'm right, and get corrected by knowledgeable people that can explain where I'm wrong. I find that quite satisfying.

However, most of my learning is following the various discussions on topics of interest and applying what I hope is critical thinking. So I do actually appreciate some of the more heated discussions. It helps me refine my own thinking even if it sometimes means wading through a lot of posts with more heat than light.

So carry on.

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