DPR would not review a68 as its too good for its price.

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DPR would not review a68 as its too good for its price.

In the past and present I have used mostly Sony cameras, because they are just better in price/performance ratio, same for lenses (cheaper/sharper). I have used Nikon D5200 and Canon 700D in the past and they were far behind in usability and versatility compared to Sony cameras.

I have used these Sony bodies in the past: a37/a55/a57/a58/a65/a77/a77II

The a58 and a77II have *important* feature of Auto ISO in the 'M' Manual setting.

Recently I used mostly a58 as it suited my needs. I used RX100M3 for 'portability' and video and a58 for stills when needed more 'bokeh' mostly with Sony 35/1.8, Sigma 50-150/2.8 and Samyang 85/1.4 lenses.

The a58 'workflow' was to use RAW+JPEG setup with processing RAW files in RawTherapee and DxO Optics Pro simultaneously and then taking the best from the three (along with OOC JPEG).

The a58, similarly with with older Sony bodies (a37/a55/a57/a58/a65/a77) have weaker JPEG engine when it comes to High ISO in tungsten light. That is why I also used RAW development to pick best possible photo in these conditions.

But the more I used RX100M3 the least I used a58 mostly because of video. While RX100M3 has 1080p60 with 50Mpix XAVC S codec the a58 only has 1080p30 with older 28Mpix AVCHD codec ... and that made *huge* difference.

After one of the 'sessions' with a58 I thought why struggle more with older tech when Sony has some great follower in a68 that improves almost all a58 shortcomings ... and I bought a68.

The DPR page also has an error in the Sony a68 specifications page:


In the Videography features > Resolutions there should be this information:

  • 1920 x 1080 (60p/50p, 30p/25p, 24p), 1440 x 1080, 640 x 480

I have used a68 for about a month now and I must say that Sony fixed all a8 'problems' with this a68 camera.

The OOC JPEGs from Sony a68 are so good that I am thinking about switching to EXTRA FINE JPEG shooting only ... seriously. The images that are developed with DxO Optics Pro 11 almost does no differ from the OOC JPEGs.

The autofocus on a58 is very limited as its the *very* old technology from a37/a55/a57/a65 years. The a68 autofocus is the same 4D Focus engine that is on Sony's APS-C A-Mount flagship A77II camera. 79 autofocus points at your disposal.

The video's can be made in 1080p60/1080p50 (NTSC/PAL setting available in the MENUs) with XAVC S codec.

The OLED EVF is lag free even in low light which is not on a58 camera.

The a58 (and older Sony bodies) problems about too 'yellow/orange' OOC JPEGs taken in low light/high ISO situations are *gone* now with a68! As to my taste the White Balance is taken perfectly now.

Some may say that the LCD screen has low resolution, yes it has, but as I used a57 with two times bigger resolution I do not see the difference in real world usage. You will not use this screen to waste time with pixel peeping but to frame your subject with 'strange' angles. This is that this LCD is for and for that purpose it serves more then better. Some will say that it is not touch capable ... I am not a fan of touch interfaces as comparing to buttons they mostly only slow me down but I leave that to your personal preferences.

The Sony a68 offers THREE (3) Memory slots to have different camera settings, so for example You can create 'default' setup with RAW+JPEG settings and then create a 'shadow' of settings with JPEG only settings (more creativity options) with these Memory slots like 1=P, 2=A and 3=S all with JPEG only settings.

The buffer on Sony a68 is about a second+ so with 5 FPS you will be able to capture about 7 images in RAW+JPEG setting. When You switch to EXTRA FINE JPEG You will have about 4+ seconds in the buffer which still can not be treated as sports camera, but it will *hugely* improve you options when it comes to 'sports usage' of this camera.

The Sony a68 has top backlight LCD screen but as I have EVF and LCD all needed information is visible there so I very rarely use it, but I know a lot of people use it a lot.

One of the greatest Sony technology lately was Eye AF which sets focus on the subject's eye or fallbacks to full face if it fails to achieve Eye AF which still leaves You with properly set focus for the shot. While buying the a68 I was convinced that such *high* features are limited to top of the line of Sony cameras like a7R2 or at least a6500. Nothing far more for the truth. The Sony a68 has the badass Eye AF feature! You are able to focus on the eye with this dirty cheap camera.

While its not professional body it allows You to have 4 different focus modes without switching any DIAL or going back to the MENU! Just set AF-A with all possible focus points, then REWRITE 'AEL' button with AF Lock (which means AF-S under that button), then set 'C1' button to Eye AF and set 'Center' button to 'Standart' which will let You use single f/2.8 center AF point for 'hit and recompose'. Tell me which Nikon or Canon camera can do that! D5 or 1D?

The a68 also has more buttons then 'theoretically more processional' Nikon D7200 ... the 'low end' bodies like D3xxx and D5xxx are eated for breakfast with Sony a68 camera.

The only cameras from Canon department that can 'cope' with Sony a68 are the ones which has Dual Pixel Autofocus system, and these are two to more time expensive then Sony a68 camera.

For what it costs (I payed $375 for new on EBAY polish equivalent) it kills every possible competition ... and with lots of Minolta lenses from the past You can not find any other system that does what it does at this price point.

The High ISO images also greatly improved as a68 has the same sensor and possibilities that a77II has, of course DPR did not even added a68 to their 'Studio Test Scene' ...

I can say that this is the best camera for this price and with possibilities that are available only to semi-pro bodies like a77II or a6500. With this price and features Sony killed the competition in this 'entry' segment with Sony a68.

The Sony a68 is a great camera with *very* little shortcomings.



Sony SLT-A68
24 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Nov 5, 2015
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