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Re: Photographing children in public who aren't your own

A very challenging subject.

But I have to admit, many of the replies and recommended approaches range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

First, I have young kids. Second, I live in China. Third, I love natural shots of kids in action. I take a LOT of my own kids.

People are ALWAYS taking photos of me and or my kids. I just let it wash off. Getting too close or pesky, then I step in.

In my view, you are in a public place, a "quick snap" is fine in almost all cases. Kids included. Permission? Pfft. If you want a posed shot - ask! Or more than a quick snap - ask!

Taking a long time or stalking is a no-no without permission.

Making people uncomfortable is a big part. After 1 shot, and they are unhappy, then I smile and move on or even just look away or photo something else. Maybe 3-4 times people got angry with me - but they were old people!

Also, that apparent discomfort can often be misread.

I was at a festival in a river of people. So, I turned around and took photos of maybe 50 people, couples or families walking past. Many expressed shock after taking the photo, but within a second most smiled and the rest just looked puzzled or didn't even notice. About a full 1/3 come back, asked to see the photo, and took a shot of my camera screen they were so pleased with the results. Many even posed for me and we took selfies. Really, we had a great time!

Earlier this week I was walking through a public activity area (best way to describe it) in Guangzhou and took shots of several kids playing around. I just did this as I walked and no one was unhappy. I did this with a FF camera and a 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

It's all about your approach; who you are; who they are. Judgement.

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