Need photography advice. Want to upgrade from crop sensor to full frame. What should be my next step

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Some of the answers here come across as if you have to fill out an application form and have your talents assessed before you can purchase a FF camera..

When I purchased my FF camera, would my skills have passed this panel? Not a chance.

Did I earn my cold hard cash, and spend it as I wish? Damn right.

The question here is; do I want to take another stepping stone with a camera, or go straight to the end game? the 6D & 5D IV both do the same thing, just the latter does everything that little better, and it adds up. Now, as much as you can start doing plenty of bits of paid work on a 6D (car dealerships, estate agents were my bag), weddings may be a bit of a push. There's plenty of wedding photographers out there who use the 6D, but I'd be a little bit nervous around the 1 card slot. 1x corrupt card, and your reputation is shot.

Either camera will be great. I was happy as Larry with the 6D for a good 6 months before I started getting itchy and purchased the 5D IV - simply because I wanted to (and no, my skills still wouldn't pass the Canon FF assessment panel, but I don't care!).

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