Impossible combination: "street" with X-T20 & 90/2 ??

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Re: Impossible combination: "street" with X-T20 & 90/2 ??

Vic Chapman wrote:

deednets wrote:

darngooddesign wrote: took photos of people with a big lens.

People like what they like, and preferring something doesn't make them needy.

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So people leave, like also in my case, a FF DSLR to reduce size, then decide to add some bits to make it larger e.g. the handgrip or the booster, so you can shoot 15+ minutes of video etc.

You obviously haven't come across the suggestion to add a grip to ... whatever Fuji camera? As they are too small to hold larger lenses? Or the thumb-something to be attached to the hot shoe?

Your OP appears to be a classic case of creating a controversy that didn't exist simply so you can respond to it. You certainly don't need to do that to post pictures which speak for themselves.

I've recently read many reviews of a Fuji camera and nearly all suggest that users may find their camera easier to handle with the addition of a handgrip if heavy lenses are used - the camera they refer to is the XT2 so it's not a matter of picking on the XT20 is it?

I have the XT2 because I prefer the slightly larger size over the XT20. If an XE3 had been available I'd have gone for that because the XE bodies are a little wider. I prefer the joystick (and if you tried it, perhaps you would too - it's great). I NEED a grip to make it easy for me to handle heavier lenses - the MHG2, not the battery grip because for me the extra weight would defeat the purpose - i keep extra batteries in my bag. Camera + grip are comfortable for my slightly large and slightly arthritic hands.

Last weekend I photographed an event with XT2 and 90mm lens (I wrongly thought my XT1 had bitten the dust). Luckily the handgrip for the XT2 arrived the day before because I know from experience of the XT1 that my hands would not have lasted without the grip.

If you happy with your setup, I'm left wondering why you are defending your choice of camera/lens against non-existent slings and arrows.


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Haha .. what makes you think I feel that I need to "defend" anything here??

I read posts on this forum now and again because I have a screen job that has a lot of down time built in. Waiting time so I peruse these pages here and read about the shortcomings, the 23 being soft at the dedicated distance of 35cm, the X-T20 too small, the 16-55 too large, too everything.

I don't seem to have this problem so not defending anything here, but just saying that if you didn't know that a certain product was lacking, then maybe you wouldn't notice it that much.

I didn't know that I needed a grip, didn't even know there was one as I often just pickup a camera and shoot with it, regardless of whether it's a 5D, D800 SONY (whatever) Oly or Panasonic. When I mounted the 90/2 onto the X-T20 I never though: gosh this looks awkward, I wish I had a grip ... as I also had the larger X-Pro2 in the same bag ...

Dunno, but your wording: "Luckily the handgrip arrived..." just proves my point. There seems to be a need to make those smaller cameras larger to make them usable.

Luckily, I didn't know this was what I needed.

Jared Polin hits the same pudding here when he ponders as to how the booster/handgrip makes the X-T2 so much better, but then ponders also about how 11fps are a bit much - achieved by adding the very same booster???

Odd for some, this appears to be.

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