What makes a good homepage for a wedding photographer ?

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Re: What makes a good homepage for a wedding photographer ?

eFilm wrote:

Again, like suggested above, consider your website as a landing page first, make sure it's responsive and accessible with mobile devices, and keep all the higher res photos and other excessive tweakery inside a gallery that is aimed for desktop/big screen viewing. That gallery may no longer be the primary tool to win them over, though.

So rather than using endless hours on agonising over SEO, image sizes and stuff, specialise; Take a moment to decide who is your most preferred client, what are they like, and then make sure you've got a clear headline, snappy piece of copy and a sample photo or two on the main page that will attract that particular kind of client and no one else. Rather than having umphteen blog links on your main page, make sure you've got a clear opt-in window to book a wedding. Add client testimonials if you have some.
Make sure you've got a presence in social media. Add good stories to your preferred sample photos, then add a link to your website. Respond to their comments, too. ink to your blog in social media as well. Have a Pinterest board, for example, which is popular among women in particular. And so on.

Your photos may be great and no doubt they are, but that alone, let alone high res photo samples on the main page, is no guarantee that the right bride and the sponsor, her mother, will be attracted to your site over all the other ones with great photos.

This is a very good piece of advice and I do agree with it. You can have a great website with wonderful pictures, but if your landing page is not responsive, you won't have a lot of visitors as one of the main goals is to attract customers. And of course, it should be accessible with all electronic gadgets, because today a half of people prefer using the Internet primarily through their mobile devices. It is possible to have a proper home page, but we shouldn't forget about the importance of the responsive landing page. As we live in an age of high competitiveness, it is better to keep up with the times.

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