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Re: HX400V Photo Resized to 1,080 and 4K for Comparison

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

The first version is in 1,920 X 1,080, full HD resolution and the second, at 3,840 X 2160, 4K resolution. Make your own judgement about them. It would be interesting to know how many people who post here, have 4K monitors? When a camera that shoots 4K and is suitable for me is available, I'll likely get a 4K monitor to go with it.

Be sure to click the Original Size photos one more time, to bring up the full size, then scroll to move around the 4K size, to see it all ( unless you have a 4K monitor, of course).

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Steve McDonald

You know what I think. Steve. You have two identical images but the resolution of one is four times that of the other. Both look identical when viewed on a 1920 x 1080 screen and both look absolutely great. When you finally get a 4k screen the bigger image will fill it and look fantastic, the smaller image will then be transferred to your recycle bin.

I hope I've been some help in my ramblings and I sincerely hope you now make the sensible choice and start resizing to a more future proof size. No, you don't have to thank me.


Apparently, you didn't make note that I indicated that I save all my keepers at both full size and reduced size, on several HDDs and everything I shoot is saved on the camera card. So, I'm ready at any time, to issue larger frame-sizes when there's a need for them. But there will continue to be many people in other parts of the world, with slower ISPs, so I won't be tossing the smaller versions.

Yes I did realise that but what I didn't possibly realise at the time of my earlier posts is that you don't do any post processing of your pictures - am I right? If that's the case the time it takes to resize an image some time in the future is not much of an issue but if you've thousands to do that might be different. But even that can be overcome my batch resizing with suitable software.

In my own case (and the case of many, many others)  I spend a lot of time and effort post processing each image and built into that workflow is cropping for composition and resizing. I do keep the originals in there unmolested state and until recently they were jpegs but I'm now dabbling with RAW.

But I probably will resize and post my new photos regularly from now on, at 1K and 4K and give visitors to my photo album a choice. The larger size doesn't look so much worse, from this "1/2.3-inch", camera, that I should decline to do that any longer. I'm sure you're correct, that when they are put on a good 4K monitor, the 4X number of tiny display pixels, will offset the faults. So you have spurred me to take this one step, which I might not have done, until after I had acquired a 4K camera and monitor.

Well, I think I've achieved something in that case and you don't think too badly of me for trying to point you in the right direction.

And thanks to Susan for the compliment about my photo. It was one of several I took, bracketed for exposure. Most always in sunlight, it's necessary to turn down the EV by .3 stop, just for starters.

Susan - I unreservedly apologise if you think I've hijacked your thread. These things happen in threads - nobody means any harm - we just get carried away.


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