Why my pictures with the Samyang 12mm are underexposed?

Started May 18, 2016 | Questions thread
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Re: Why my pictures with the Samyang 12mm are underexposed?

Just want to follow up on my previous post.  The Samyang 12mm and X-M1 combo does tend to underexpose by about a stop, depending on the light and aperture.  (Lower light and smaller aperture is worse).

Part of the problem with that particular combo is that in low light and/or with a small aperture, the X-M1 does not show a live photo preview until you half-press the shutter.  Basically, this means that you get a dark or black screen with an incorrect histogram until you half press the shutter.  Once you half-press the shutter, the shot seems correctly exposed, but the histogram disappears.

This does not seem to be an issue with Fuji lenses in low light.  The live photo preview on the X-M1 is correct on those, as is the histogram.

I also have an X-T10, and its live photo preview is correct with the 12mm Samyang.  This is very unscientific, but the X-T10 doesn't lose its correct histogram until a much lower light level than the X-M1.  In the light I tested, the X-M1 started losing its correct histogram at f/8 and the X-T10 kept the histogram correct until f/16.

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