Nikon 24-70 f2.8 (Non VR) stuck on Nikon D810

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Re: Nikon 24-70 f2.8 (Non VR) stuck on Nikon D810

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I use a cross body strap similar to Black rapid. Was walking out the door in a hurry. The Lens hood hit the Door frame really hard. I did not notice at that time. I thought it was just the hood. Eventually when i wanted to try on a different lens i could not release the 24-70.

I do agree the cost of repair is reasonable. I was s*@ting bricks as i went to the service center and till the time they told me the repair cost.

Unfortunately, that is one of the downsides to the BR type straps. You do have to be very careful to manage your camera when you are moving through doorways or when you are near objects that the camera could swing and hit. I still like my BR sport strap a lot and frequently use it but I really try to be observant when I could smack my camera on a door or object. So far, so good, but cracking the camera on something would be easy to do.

I've really enjoyed using my R Strap the past 7+ years. But after researching camera damage caused by attaching a camera strap to the tripod socket, I've stopped using the R Strap and similar straps. The camera lugs are the only manufacturer-approved attachment points for camera straps. Damage caused by using the tripod socket for anything other than securing a tripod/monopod most likely will not be covered under warranty. In some cases the damage cannot be repaired and the camera is "totaled."

DPR Forum Post On Sling Strap Damage w/ Images (Long)

I agree that it's a concern but I haven't encountered any problems carrying my D810 + MB-D12 with my 24-70 lens attached.  However, I haven't done any real climbing where I would bounce the camera around and put undue stress on the tripod socket.  I'd probably want to hold onto it or pack it away if I was going to bounce it around.  I also feel a little better about using the BR strap since Nikon markets their own version of it and even says it's compatible with the D810.  Of course there is no mention of using it with the battery pack.

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