Just for Fun: who's got the maximum shutter count on a nikon Pro Dx?

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i bought recently at B&Hphoto a d300. I don't live in the U.S i was just passing through so i took a chance. I regret buying from them. The camera has over 322000 it was an 8+ more like a 6+. i'm sure it was serviced but don't know.

I wouldn't buy from anyone who doesn't give the shutter count. And if 322k is an 8+, I'd hate to see a 5.

They've sold me a 5, several times in fact. Cameras and lenses that were totally unusable. One camera (rated something like 8) had a menu system that was almost impossible to navigate. It would randomly bounce around changing several menu options (that couldn't be followed, they changed so quickly) simply by pressing the up or right arrow to go to a different menu option. Additionally, the lens couldn't zoom in.

Not long after that B&H got another copy of the same camera. I took a chance and it turned out to be a very good copy. The odds are that most cameras and lenses will be ok but when they're really bad, as in being unusable, it appears that they'll do what's best for B&H, not what's best for their customers. Either that or they do an absolute minimal amount of testing so most existing problems won't be seen and give a rating based only on cosmetic appearance, using customers to do the actual testing because it's more cost effective that way.

I've been using the camera and yesterday shot some surf photos. The camera works the way it should be. I'll use it till it dies but that could be soon or maybe not. I hope not

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