Nikon 1 J5, adaptor+lenses vs dSLR upgrade

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Re: Nikon 1 J5, adaptor+lenses vs dSLR upgrade

rube39 wrote:

nigelht wrote:

Why on earth would anyone take a phone on a bike trip to SA? Who you gonna call?

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They have cell phones in South America. If you have an unlocked global phone all you have to do is buy a sim when you land.

Whether he has coverage on the trail is a different story but if he can't recharge his phone he won't be recharging his camera either. If he can recharge that implies staying places with electricity which may have cell coverage.

Yeah, but so what? Why would you take a bike trip thru wilds and want to call/text anybody? I lived for years in SA without ever even having a telephone. And didn't want one.

I'm happy for you.

Other folks may wish to contact loved ones while at a hotel or airport.  A waterproof smartphone makes a handy backup camera and keeps the weight down by not needing to carry a second body.

I use the FT-1 almost exclusively but in his case I would skip it and get the 18.5 and a waterproof camera.  If that's a smartphone like the iPhone 7+ it should work almost as well as many waterproof point and shoots.

In the same scenario I'd likely take my V2 + 10-100, 18.5 and my iPhone 7.

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