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Re: Ehem, I think I may have screwed up...

guiri wrote:

sabrina81 wrote:

guiri wrote:

Well, I know I'll lose a bunch of detail because the picture is much smaller but let's see if I can explain so that both of us understand.
I have this big picture.
I need to make it smaller.

It's easy, but first, stop thinking about dpi. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your goal of making the image smaller for the web.

(This screen shot is from Photoshop. In your application, the dialog box might look different, but the same categories of choices will be in it.)

I don't have bicubic automatic so I chose bicubic sharpest instead. Did the rest and ignored the resolution but it looks the same to me so I'm guessing that IS how it's going to look...

Correct. Just use bicubic sharper and change the Pixel Dimensions to whatever size you want for your website. That's all you need to do. The numbers in the "Document Size" area don't matter.

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