Samsung NX500 vs Fuji X-T20

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Re: Samsung NX500 vs Fuji X-T20

Milondon15 wrote:

brownie112 wrote:

haiiyaa wrote:

I had both and the nx500 is better for landscapes and have better ergonomics and lower weight. The X-t20 beats the nx500 in every other aspect though and has a great viewfinder.

Sorry but that doesn't make lot of sense. Wouldn't it come down to what lens you had for each cameras?

Other than having view finder and Fuji logo/warranty I don't see any huge advantage or reason to be "beaten" by XT-20.

Completely Agree, Afterall the sensor on the nx500 is still the best APSC size sensor. Nx500 has 16% more pixels, faster shutter speed, best 4K footage. All in a package that's nearly a third lighter.

The nx500 does have the better sensor, especially if used for landscape and such. While the nx500 have the faster mechanical shutter the x-t20 have a much faster electronical one. The 4k footage definately isn't better with the crop, low light performance and surprisingly also with continuous autofocus

nx500 pros over the x-t20

  • Better sensor for landscape.
  • Smaller size
  • Better ergonomics
  • touchscreen implementation

x-t20 pros over the nx500

  • Better autofocus
  • Better buffer
  • Better video(continous focus, low iso, no crop)
  • mic input
  • Viewfinder
  • Controls
  • More lenses
  • Build quality
  • Better jpeg
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