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Re: LOL...Dave and Jim, Men After My Own Heart...

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Traveller wrote:

...I particularly liked Dave's rolling over in bed and seeing something....

You know, in my mind, this is really what the challenges are good for...

The Make Us See....

It forces us to look around, look around even in our busy days...and say, Hey, maybe this, maybe that...

This is an absolute good....many of us (me) don't take the time to, "See,"

I had to be out and about last night anyhow...so why not shoot some?

It was good.

Best Wishes, Traveller

Exactly. The phrase I use with my friends when I explain how these challenges have changed me is that "I tend to look at the world about me in a different way".

You guys are in luck, new challenge is up on Pbase and ready to go. You might have to change your thinking on how you approach the shot since it's a little different.


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