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Re: Ehem, I think I may have screwed up...

When we view a large original photo on screen, in a viewing program which lets us zoom bigger and smaller, we are from moment to moment forced to choose:

EITHER do I want to see the full detail, accepting that even using my whole screen, I can still see only PART of the image at a time,

OR do I want to see the WHOLE picture in an easily appreciable small format, accepting that this can only be as a summarised and simplified view.

We can't have both.

Let's say, you are previewing your whole picture at the same scaling at which it will be seen on the website - hence, you are previewing it on an area of screen 1000 monitor pixels wide - which is physically, only 9 to 10 inches wide.

Whatever you can see of the image in this circumstance - that should be your expectation, of what you will ALSO see in a separate web version of the image: one which has had its content summarised and simplified down to those same 1000 pixels wide. One where that amount of detail, is all that there is to see.

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