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Re: D500

riman wrote:

oK OK i have bought another D500..and we shall see but I do have a question right away In the Custom settings menu F controls..under F1 and assigning the function to the AF-On button.. I have a question..suppose i assign for example 25 point dynamic area...now this will be what the focus program switches to when I press the AF-ON button BUT my problem.question .is this..How can I move the af point around when I push this button as the minute I take my finger off it to move the AF point ..it switches back to the af program I was using?>

Yes, but as soon as you again press AF-ON it will stay at the point you select AND use Dynamic 25 you have programmed. Personally, I like Group Area for the AF-On button.

Also using the "joy stick" to select focus points.,.I notice the joystick can be pressed in in addition to being used to select the area to place the focus point..what is the purpose of the pushing IN of the joystick?

It is a programmable button as well ... I use it to select and focus with single point. The stick can still be used to position the focus point when not pressed.

A more convenient way to access the custom control assignment menu is by pressing the "i" button.

It seems to me you need to do some manual reading (uggh!). But "playing around" in the custom control assignment menu can be enlightening on it's own. You could set as many as 5 buttons for different af on + AF area if you have a lens with an fn button ... actually 6 if you leave a8 set to "ON" ... but that is really overkill, and if you truly want to use/learn the back button focus technique, a8 should be set to "OFF" so the shutter button will not activate focusing.

The manuals are downloadable from Nikon for free without needing to sign in. You will want the Menu Guide as well, which sometimes is more helpful than the User's Manual. There are other helpful guides on the Nikon website. Having them on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone makes them easily searchable without having to look through indexes.

Here is the link to the D500 download center.


Enjoy your D500!


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