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Re: Picture resolution/Photoshop question

guiri wrote:

Quite simple, the more pixels the better for zooming. 72dpi vs 300 dpi is quite a difference in quality. I guess the first pic is the 300 dpi picture zoomed in ACDsee, the other 2 images are 72 dpi images and if zoomed in show jagged edges. The two images in Photoshop are also considerably larger then your ACDsee image.

In Photoshop when you import a tiff file you don't lose any quality. Only at export to jpeg you might lose quality.

There are specilialized tools to get the best image quality/image size for web.

Why would the other two images be 72 dpi if I just opened them (or rather, the one in the middle)? If I open it from the location on the HD, it should open in the same 300dpi resolution, shouldn't it?
Yes, I know there is a big difference in 72 and 300 but I wasn't really asking about what happens after I save them for the web which is what I did in this case.
All three pics are screen captures of what I saw for the sake of comparision. I zoomed in on the pics in the different programs, did a print screen, pasted them in corel, cropped them and exported them in 72 dpi.
The first one would have looked better even if I had left it the original size which is a bit bigger but only because I had a hard time going back and forth, getting the exact same size so I simply resized it in Corel after cropping it.
The third picture was dragged into another file in PS that I think was 72 dpi but the one in the middle is the file I just OPENED in PS, without doing anything but zooming in on it and there is a big difference in quality. Does PS not retain the original resolution?


It should!

When you import a 300dpi tiff it should stay 300 dpi in Photoshop.

Wich version of Photoshop are you using?

You can check the dpi in photoshop after importing the image file as follows:

go to Image....image size and check resolution. It should say 300, anything else is not right!

Another thing:

if you zoom in more then 100%(100% is the max. original image size) then you might get jagged edges. In other words, 0% to 100% is jagged edges free, over 100% is enlarging the image and quality will drop fast. Anything over 100% zoom will yield jagged edges.

I bet the zoom factor in ACDsee is different then in Photoshop. You can see the zoom factor in % in the top left hand corner, where the other information is about your loaded image, name of the file, zoom percentage and the colour space.

In this example the zoom factor is 25%.

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