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guiri wrote:

Guys, I'm updating a website for someone but I haven't done this stuff in years and I'm confused.

She had someone take a few pics of her product and send them to me. I checked the exif info and they are 300 dpi. They look great when I zoom in and yes, I know they need to be 72 dpi on the web.

Anyway, when I open this pic in Photoshop and zoom in to the same size, it looks like c*a*

Surely photoshop opens a picture up in the resolution it was created in unless you change it, right?

Seems to me that the previous picture (that I'm not trying to replace) looked better when I did this.

What I'm doing is putting this picture on top of a colored background, doing an oval around it with a feathering effect so that it shades/feathers into the background color.

When replying, please keep it simple. I'm a little dense and have a huge reading comprehension problem.



Are they sensitive or can you post an example? presumably these are jpegs?

What exactly do you mean that "it looks like c*a*"? In what way?

How are you seeing the images and finding that "they look great"? Which program? Are you zooming to 100% in this program?

Do you mean that you just start Photoshop, open the image and it doesn't look the same as using your other program (before doing anything else to the image)? What about zoom to 100% does it look different to zooming to 100% in your other program?

Well, I got them as tiff's. They look good zoomed in, in ACDSee. I open it in PS and zoom in to roughly the same size and the image sucks. I drag it into the background image/color and it still looks crummy. Bottom line, it loses quality once opened in PS.
I've attached samples. I had to resize the first one to make them the same size but you should be able to see the difference between the first one and the others clearly.

Quite simple, the more pixels the better for zooming. 72dpi vs 300 dpi is quite a difference in quality. I guess the first pic is the 300 dpi picture zoomed in ACDsee, the other 2 images are 72 dpi images and if zoomed in show jagged edges. The two images in Photoshop are also considerably larger then your ACDsee image.

In Photoshop when you import a tiff file you don't lose any quality. Only at export to jpeg you might lose quality.

There are specilialized tools to get the best image quality/image size for web.

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