Fuji X pro 2 rubber eyepiece on rear of camera

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Re: Fuji X pro 2 rubber eyepiece on rear of camera

JohnBuoy wrote:

BRPWS wrote:

Well now, take a seat first. This is the update on my eyepiece world tour: I learned from Elliot that the JJC replacement is no good. Mine is still in transit, but my hopes that it will solve the problem easily are now very low. Thankfully, it didn't cost me much. As to the enigma whether the replacement is a specialist affair (Fuji Europe) or something as simple as putting a cork on a bottle (Fuji U.S.A.?), I called Fuji in the U.K. (Fuji Repair European headquarters) and spoke lengthily with a specialist. He explained to me it is absolutely a replacement we shouldn't try at home, there is more involved than just pushing the rubber ring in place. I trusted his judgement (don't quite understand the U.S. approach, may be they just opt for an easier solution that is less than perfect?) and sent my camera in. Then it dawned on me I would live without a camera (have no other) for three weeks in what is here light wise the most fascinating time of the year, and bought a second hand X-E2. And so it goes... Would like to hear Rico Pfirstinger on this (Rico, bitte?).


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Hans it would be interesting to see how Fuji "repairs" the camera in UK and it would be even more interesting to learn from Fuji Worldwide why it is handled differently in the US as opposed to most other places. If UK says one will damage the camera by putting a rubber eyepiece in place (and I do not doubt them) then why does Fuji USA give the same warning and why don't they care if the person at "home" damages the camera.

This is one of the worst camera fiascos I have seen in my many years of working in the camera industry and is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth about Fuji management.

Why isn't Fuji rumors looking at this? I signal them out because they are the ones who seem to be most informed about what Fuji does. Maybe they can find out why there are two different opinions USA VS UK or Europe. I am really tired of dealing with it.

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Elliot Paul Stern

Yes when I noticed that Fuji provide a range of eyecups (which is fairly normal) for the XT 2 where as the X Pro2 has none I suspected some sort of design compromise. Fuji have very successfully differentiated themselves from other manufactures by making an effort to connect with current owners – as you say they should make a clear statement as to correct repair of eyecup and why no additional versions

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Yeah, I have to admit I've never had this happen on ANY other camera (multiple P&S, Canon 500D, 70D, Fujifilm X100, XE1, X-T10), and quite frankly I find it totally unacceptable. The eye cup (which is apparently critical to the weather resistance/sealing) should not just "come off" after less than a year of use. Hell, it shouldn't just fall off during the usable life of the camera IMO.

While I'm not complaining (loudly) yet, if they try to charge me next time around (which, depending on how long it takes they probably will), for what is obviously a design flaw, along with giving them an earful, I'll have to take a long hard look at whether I'm comfortable continuing to buy cameras from them.

This just reinforces my feeling that despite their recent lip service about "dual flagships" Fujifilm views and treats X-Pro users as guinea pigs and people who will always continue to pay for the privilege of beta testing. I love my X-Pro 2, but the withholding of features from the XT-2 (and now the X-T20) is getting ridiculous (although the situation has improved a lot with 3.00)

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