D500 Picture Quality Good Enough ?

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Re: D500 Picture Quality Good Enough ?

Anjitha wrote:

LifeNature wrote:

Hi there,

I recently did a comparison between my D4S with 600mm and my D500 with 600mm and extenders.

You can see the results on my blog.

In summary, the D500 is simply stunning. It takes the 600mm with 2x extender with ease and gives you tack sharp shots @ an effective 1800mm, insane.

That is, if there's enough light off course and you keep your shutter down. If there's serious action, the D4S is the best.

Thank you LifeNature and all others replying to me.

I finally decided to go for D500. I am still new to this camera but .. here is my quick findings.

1) Details are not there specially if you are coming from 24MP camera or higher.Some people can comment against my opinion but this is what I truly understood. 4Mp different is huge and I wish nikon incorporates 24mp sensor in future D500s. (I am a pixel peeper)

2) Autofocus is amazing. The best I have ever tested. If there is anyone doubt on 200-500mm +D500 performance .. I would say .. get rid of doubts. 200-500mm become exceptional lens with D500 camera. I was about to sell 200-500mm but now It will be a keeper in my lens list. I hope no need to comment on 400mm f2.8 performance. (Its lightning quick)

3) Battery life : Still not happy with. .. Probably need to update firmware for D500.

4) Overall IQ is average in my opinion. (D7200 to D500 a real downgrade in picture quality) However this is just quick view of D500 with my experiences of D7200 .

Other features .. no need to talk as many fanboys already discussed them.

Anjitha Senarath

Please take a look at the post in the attached link. In this link I compare the performance of the D7200 and D500 for indoor swimming. I do not think these photos support the idea that the "D7200 to D500 a real downgrade in picture quality".


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