Minolta Zeus (another DSLR rumour)

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digital_ray_of_light wrote:

That is Joseph W.'s website: He is in the dpreview forums.
If someone can get his attention, he may tell us more!

BobSo caught up with me in one of the other forums and told me they were looking for me in this forum.

What I have is a single page. It looks like it's a fax of a fax. Several areas are blacked out. The English notes were added by an acquaintance of mine in Japan. He may also have done the blacking out, he won't say. If it's a hoax, it's not his hoax, his sense of humor is more exotic than that.

There is no mention, whatsoever, of the image stabilization system.

The rest of this post requires a UNICODE aware browser (any Netscape 4 or better or IE 5 or better or any Mozilla), and a UNICODE font that supports at least Katakana and Hiragana.

The name of the camera is given in Katakana asズース

In Romanji, that would be zuusu. "Zeus" is handwritten, part of my friend's translation. I assume it's a borrowed European word, or it would have been Kanji instead of Katakana. I don't know what zuusu means in Japanese. It may be a cool sounding non-word designed to invoke one of these...

ずうずうしい zuuzuusii (adj) impudent; shameless
ずうたい zuutai (n) body; frame
ずうち zuuti (n) reaching a peak; reaching the limit

Or it may be something entirely different. It might really be the mythological Zeus.

Zuusu is how the Japanese render several European proper names, including "Suss", "Seuss", and "Süss".

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