Ricoh GR 2 for portraits?

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have you considered a K-01?

I think many would agree that the Ricoh GRii is a fine camera (I have the GR and love it) but I have to admit that it is not ideally suited for portraits, primarily due to its 28mm equivalent lens.  Also, the colors have been slightly harder to deal with in post production from RAW (at least for me, with the GR) than say some of Pentax's DSLR's and also the mirrorless K-01.  Perhaps the GRii deals with color better than the GR, I don't know?

Anyway, unless size is a serious issue, have you considered a K-01?  The K-01, with the DA40 XS pancake lens is a fun and versatile combo, not very big (obviously bigger than the GR though), and gives rather astounding image quality at a 60mm equivalent field of view. 60mm is MUCH closer to traditional portrait territory than 28mm.  While the K-01 has unfortunately been discontinued, it can be found pretty cheap on ebay, etc; and will cost well less than a GRii, and also gives you options with other lenses down the line...

By the way, the GR and K-01 share the same sensor (I think the GR has no AA filter though, while the K-01 has a relatively weak filter).

If your idea of portraits is candid/street shooting, then yes... go for the GRii.

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