New D600 owner - looking for lenses

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Re: New D600 owner - looking for lenses

patriot07 wrote:

inlawbiker wrote:

ScooterShooter wrote:

Might be better off in the long run with fewer good lenses than more mediocre lenses.

I agree with the above statement on fewer lenses of higher quality. Save up for what you want and tough it out.

I have the 85/f1.8G and it is my sharpest lens. Has worked well for me for indoor basketball.

Yes, the 85mm is great. I have bought and sold this lens a couple times because I don't use 85mm very often. Finally I decided it's good enough to just keep for eternity even if it doesn't get much use.


Thanks for your $.02.

Figured it was time to pull this thread back up since I decided what to do. Nearly everyone has said the 70-300 is not good past 200. My experience on DX tells me that I will not be happy with that compromise, and the AF-P 70-300 is supposed to be awesome. So with that in mind, I decided to order the AF-P VR 70-300 on ebay for $169 on ebay and keep my D7100 for telephoto usage. I am keeping my D600 and 50/1.8, and buying an 85/1.8. In the near future, I will keep an eye on craigslist for a used 24-85. There are several available right now for $200-ish. Long term, that will probably get replaced by the 18-35G. Then I'll be set from 18-450mm focal lengths (FX equivalent) for a relatively reasonable price.

This sounds like a solid plan to me.


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