Fuji XT2 or Sony A7rii

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Re: Fuji XT2 or Sony A7rii

Cheyne wrote:

I own both A7RII with various Zeiss / Sony lenses and an X-T2 with a handful of Fuji primes.

I have been bouncing between the two cameras for a while now and I have to be completely honest, the X-T2 is my favorite, by a fair margin too.

I use my X-T2 pretty much for street shooting and portraits now. It's fantastic for those. I find the Fuji primes far exceed my Sony lenses in terms of quality and rendering. 9 times out of 10 I prefer the images from my X-T2, which took me a look time to wrap my head around considering how much money I spent on my Sony setup. I bought the X-T2 because I liked the retro styling, and feel, I didn't expect it match my A7RII, but it surprised me. Its not as far apart as you might think.

The Sony lenses leave a lot to be desired. I have had to return several due to quality issues, and never before I have i paid $1000 for a lens that completely disappointed me, that is until I sold all my Canon gear and went to Sony.

So why dont I sell the Sony? Well, because what everyone else has said is true, the 42MP Sony sensor is pretty spectacular in the right environment, and its hard to give that up. Its a pretty terrible street shooting camera, but its a fantastic landscape camera, especially for night photography. This is why I keep it. I was out taking photos of a light house at 2am in the pitch black the other night and the Sony was able to deliver some incredible photos with zero light.

I dont plan on buying G Master lenses (well, maybe the 24-70) any time soon, and it seems sony is focused on the pro line now, so if you're going to buy into Sony, be ready to drop some serious money.

This is why I love my Fuji. Affordable lenses that are top shelf quality. I bought the XF 35 f/1.4 second hand on eBay from some pawn shop. It was a bit dinged up but I thought I would try it. Its noisy and kind of slow to focus, but its now my favorite lens of all my systems... even more than my FE Zeiss 55mm f1.8. only cost me $300 too.

Really, what your comparing is not two cameras, but two suites of lenses per system.

If Fuji made a camera, with Sony's full frame tech and Fujis lenses, it would be the ultimate camera, but unfortunately, Sony's cameras feel ugly to use, but house incredible technology, and Fujis cameras are incredible to use but maybe not as impressive technology inside.

I wrote about my feelings towards the A7RII after having owned it for a year here: http://fzero.io/the-sony-a7rii-a-year-later/

Thanks for weighing in. I've been considered for a while maybe getting a A7II or even a A7R II to slowly replace my Fuji system, but a lot of what you describe is the feel I got when I was shooting the A6000.  I got tons of problems with lens QC (even the expensive ones) and hated the unpredictability of camera start up time... and that fiddly control wheel... I cant believe they have not changed that yet, it's the same one since the first NEX cameras!!

But processing RAW files is one the thing I like the most, and the Fuji RAW files feel a bit limiting sometimes...

An A7 II would be wiser, but I'm not sure it'd be significant jump in IQ...

Anyway your post made me think a bit more.

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