Panasonic GM5 Half Case Discussion

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Panasonic GM5 Half Case Discussion

Yes, another GM grip/case thread, but this one is a bit different as I'm not asking about the stick-on models, such as the (currently unavailable) Franiec Grip, FlipBac grips (1-4), Sony AG-R2, or Aki-Asahi leather already discussed in a few other threads. I'll be asking about a the half cases, specifically the three out there with battery hatches.

Has anyone used one (or more) for the following three half cases on their Panasonic GM5? If so, can you provide some feedback on how well they handle with the GM5? The first two do not have grips, so I am particularly interested to know if that makes a huge difference in operation.  Here they are:

#1 Official Panasonic DMW-CGBM Half Case ($30-40). Has battery door, and tripod mount, but tripod mount does not sit flush, and the case has no grip. Are the lack of a grip and a level bottom issues with this case? Is anyone using a grip with this one (such as sticking on a FlipBac)?

#1 The Official Panasonic DMW-CGBM

#2 TP Half Case w/Handmade Leather for GM w/Battery Door ($62). Has battery door, side door access, and a flush tripod tool-installed mount (so this is more of an always-on case). Again, no grip on this one and the leather looks really smooth (unfortunately). Are the lack of grip and the need for a tool to remove the case issue with this one? Can a front grip be added, or does the front snap get in the way of adding one?

#2 TP Handmade Leather Half Case for the GM-series, with battery door access.

#3 Gariz Genuine Leather HG-GM1BK (XS-CHGM1) Half Case ($100). Has an opening for the battery (not an actually flap) and flush-mounted tool-less tripod mount, however it moves the added second tripod mount off-center to the edge. This half-case is the only one with a slight grip built-in. Does the off-center tripod mount cause issues? It also seems slightly higher (height-wise) then the other two, which looks like it might impact easily getting the battery and memory card in and out through the hole.

#3 Gariz HG-GM1BK (XS-CHGM1) Genuine Leather Half Case for GM-series

Again, I'm not interested in the strick-on grips which have been discussed in other threads.  I like the removable models.

More background: I'm only asking because I have (and really like) the metal Panasonic DMW-HGR1 for my GM5. For me, it is more comfortable then the stick-on grips that I have tried, and I like the fact that it is both low profile and can be removed. However, it does block access to the battery and tripod mount, so you have to remove it to change batteries or use a tripod.  Therefore, I'm interested in a half-case with access to the currently blocked features, more for longer shoots then a quick outing (in which, I'm typically grip-free with a wrist strap).

So, there you have the discussion topic in a nutshell: the GM-series half-cases with battery doors.  Anyone have one of these three half cases? And if so, what's your opinion?  Has anyone tried combining a half case (such as either for first two listed) with a stick-on grip?  Is there another half-case in the wild with both battery door access and a tripod mount?

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