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Re: Not quite.

jeff hladun wrote:

Edward48 wrote:

Hi Jeff. This thread is making my head throb. Do you mean that if it wasn't for the things that are wrong with it, it'd be OK?


It's a good image despite its compositional weaknesses, much the same way Marelli argues Cartier-Bresson's image works, despite the Camera Club conventions it breaks.

An excellent image does not have to be perfect, and in street it quite often is not.

An image that is unusual, not like the images we shoot or see every day, can be a failure, easy to dismiss, --or the kind of success that requires paying attention and rewards us with expanding our idea of what photography can do.

Even as the creator of it, it took me some time to understand this shot.

It is very complicated, and what is good about it did not jump out at me at first viewing.  However, Zubu, who has a more professional eye, saw it immediately.  We vary in what we see, and there is no right or wrong.   We all see different things, and react differently.   Enough people have seen what is remarkable in the photo that the goods seem definitely to be there.   But I'm not surprised that everyone does not agree.  That is all good.

Al Bobkin is probably the best artist  who has posted here.  It took me some time to realize this.  What's important is that we remain open to new ways of seeing from people who are serious about their work.  I'm still the same person who did not get him, now that I do get him.  And I'm not embarrassed that for some time I did not get him.  He was self aware enough and self confident enough, that he was quite tolerant of my myopia.  And I now often think about how I am not getting as good a shot in certain situations as Al might get because exposure to his difficult images over time was a great blessing.

And it works both ways, not only with other people's work, but with our own.   Sometimes work that we thought was great at a later date seems uninteresting, and maybe it will regain its appeal, or not.   It's all part of the process and nothing to get excited about.

People can point out the elements that are in this photo, and how they seem to work together.   But whether the shot connects with you is a function of many different variables.   That's why it's good to get many different opinons.

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