Tethered shooting 600D, live view cuts out

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Re: Tethered shooting 600D, live view cuts out

David Naylor wrote:

deanimator wrote:

What software are you using for tethering?

Canon EOS Utility (v2 I think).

A little update regarding my method: I found a workaround using Av mode, where I can use the custom function to fix the shutter speed at 1/200. In Av mode, the live view doesn't cut out and I don't need to wiggle the cursor over the shutter-release on screen (as I had to do in M mode, for some very strange reason) to reactivate the live view feed.

Sounds like a software issue.

I do tethered focus bracketing with a Canon T4i tethered to an ASUS Zen 8 tablet using DSLR Controller.  I don't have the problem you've experienced.

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