If Ansel Adams had a digital, would it be a Sigma?

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That's all fine and dandy, but in the end experiments are about hypothesis testing and those with single, well-controlled variables are the most robust. You state a hypothesis, then design an experiment to alter the outcome of a system. If you have more than one hypothesis to account for some phenomenon, then you have to design experiments to disprove each. If you're good, lucky, whatever, you'll disprove all but one. And that one you keep to explain the mechanism that accounts for the phenomenon.

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Not all and some of the more important experiments were to measure the value of physical constants. After all Moses was not handed them by a burning bush.

For example Milikan's Oil drop experiment to measure the fundamental unit of charge,

Michelson experiments to accurately measure the speed of light, Hipple's measurement of the magnetic moment of a proton, etc. in fact many of of the experiments in physics were and still are don to refine the accuracy of the underlying physical constants.

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Wow, some of you people just Need to buy a sailboat, go to the Caribbean, and drink a few Corona's, well a Lot of them! I am 70, and I can tell you Life goes REALLY fast to worry about all this stuff! It ain't worth it!

The best advice you will Ever get in your life, what little you have left of it!! You will thank me.

Personally I prefer to climb on a horse and race 50 to 100 miles . Yes the Avatar at the top is really me at about the 50 mile point of a 100 miler endurance race in the Ocala National Forest.  I'm not a water person. As far as the Corona's - they're fine for light beer - I prefer something a bit heavier. I a 70 years old and actually it has been my life's work to worry about this stuff and to hang the mathematical meat on the skeletons of theories so predictions can be made to test the theories.

My wife tells me I can't retire. Well I know I can't since she insists on having a couple race horses. However, the reason she tells me that is because if I did I would probably be dead in a week. She is probably right. I'm an old cowboy at heart - cold owboys go out with their boots on ;-).

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