24mm lens for m4/3 video

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Re: 24mm lens for m4/3 video

kidcruz wrote:

Thanks for the input guys.

"The main advantages for the Sigma are the shorter MFD (0.18 vs 0.30 m), better corners wide open and possibly the price"

Does that stand for minimum focus distance?

I was also looking at the olympus 17mm 1.8. Would there be much difference between this lens (sharpness & IQ) compared to either of the legacy minolta or sigma lenses - used with my speed booster?

I know with the native olympus lens, will enable me to still use the electric functions when shooting, but as I'm only solely shooting video, I'm happy to use manual lenses.

Yes, MFD stands for minimum focus distance.

I am not an m4/3 user, so I cannot help you with the Olympus 17mm, sorry. I hope someone else can help you there.


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