Nikon SU-800 as Radio Trigger. Why not?

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Re: Nikon SU-800 as Radio Trigger. Why not?

MIC37 wrote:

I don't use the SB-R200s.

I am using the SU-800 as a part of CLS with other Nikon speedlights.

So we're back to your original question, "Can Nikon make a radio converter for the SU-800 so I can do CLS with radio" or something very like that.

By now you should have gleaned from this thread that

1. If Nikon did it, it would be bodgy. Their radio solutions have been dire to this point.

2. A flotilla of third party solutions out there already do exactly what you want for considerably less. The only thing they don't do is allow SB-R200s to be controlled by radio, and you don't want that.

Is there some particular reason you want to use the SU-800 to do this job? Just sell it second hand and use the proceeds to buy a radio trigger plus several slave units.

Better yet, sell all your Nikon flashes and use the proceeds to buy twice as many flashes with radio already built in.

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