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Re: GFX moire

JimKasson wrote:

about GFX pixels, something like 4.5 micron pitch.

The GFX pitch is 5.3, which is bigger than the pitch of the a7RII. Or were you talking aout the possible pixel aperture given the small microlenses?

The fact that the GF pitch is bigger than the a7RII pitch is important in the context of the original post.

With my P45+ I have seen that most of the aliasing is gone at f/16, and that sensor has 6.8 micron pitch. So I guess that f/11 would eliminate most of aliasing on the GFX.

16*(5.3/6.8) = 12.5, but that doesn't take into account the smaller micro-lenses.

Oh, wait. Are the GFX lenses smaller as a proportion to the pitch than the old lenses n the P45+? I don't know.


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Hi Jim,

Ouch! thanks for correcting me!

Best regards


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