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Re: XT-2 Experts please help.

Franck Alary wrote:

Same here, if I remember well the XT1 was showing the grid when triggered by the internal intervallometer. So this is something that should be fixable via firmware update. Not sure ppl recommanding manual trigger really understand what shooting hyperlapse is about and why having fix intervals and a grid on the screen is so critical

Not only do I know what a hyperlapse is, I shoot plenty of timelapses. Having the grid on the screen is extremely helpful but depending on the scene the intervals could very well be meaningless. Especially if there are no clouds or sun in the background. In fact, it is my experience that made me suggest using a manual trigger in this situation instead of an intervolometer. Just like I already stated, you are physically moving your camera between shots, What guarantee do you have that you will be able to move the camera in the exact right amount of time to be ready for each exposure. You don't think it is possible that you could trip, that someone could walk in front of your shot in an unwanted way, that you could sneeze? Do you want an hour of creating a hyperlapse ruined because you felt rushed and knocked over your camera and you can't remember where exactly to put it back? Choosing the precise moment that the trigger occurs is very often the best option for a hyperlapse because of the unpredictable nature of moving your camera between shots. I have external intervolometers, internal in my Fuji, a Syrp Genie, Genie Mini but I would never use any of them for a hyperlapse. I would just use the intervolometer as a manual trigger. Actually I would probably never use the internal Fuji one for anything but that's probably just me.

I agree that the grid on the screen is important (hence my recommendation that I believe keeps the grid on the screen) but I do not agree that interval is critical. Although it could be with certain scenes/backgrounds.

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