Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

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cxsparc wrote:

brandog712 wrote:

cxsparc wrote:

Forget about the gallery. Directly upload that one picture in fullsize to your post

Ok here's round two: SOOC jpg. small center focus, stabilization turned off. on tripod.

Good, sharp test shots. Though I wonder why on earth you keep incamera lens distortion correction turned off? The 16 mm shots alone should advise to turn it on.

Taking a look at both 16 and 24 mm f5.6: This lens is one of the 1670 with poorer=softer sides. Decentering is present, albeit in a mild form: As frequently the case, at 24 mm the right side is generally more blurred than left, top right stronger than left bottom edge. But it is not massively so and if you can live with the soft sides of this copy, you should not mind the mild decentering.

I don't understand what's going on there at 16mm. I shoot RAW and have seen the uncorrected 16mm shots and there's NOTHING like that "bulge" in the wall. The 16-70 has some *slight* (about 0.5%) barrel distortion at 16mm, but that's just crazy... Something else is going here or that brick wall is just really wonky.

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