My beloved E-M1 is dying....

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My beloved E-M1 is dying....

Warning/Preface:  This is a bloggy post in the vein of those i myself dont enjoy reading.

Bought over XMAS '13.  Quickly became my most favored camera amongst a pretty popular selection of cameras.  ca3.5 years of moderate use later... it's almost time to put to pasture.

Usage:  ca100k shutter actuations?   need to check LR catalog to confirm

History:  6mo into its life it suffered major problem.  turned on and simply froze.  repaired by olympus factory.  flash-sync cover fell off a million times.  eyecup broke off and replacement had to be glued on.

Earlier issues:  AF button completely fell off.  (didnt matter - wasnt used).  Since day 1, had issues with playback mode where using rear dial to scroll through photos would occasionally cause it to skip out of playback mode.

Current issues: When turning on or off, while in Av priority mode (my default), it would randomly cycle into MySet1.  Also, the rear dial started skipping -- i.e. not registering clicks.  Also, mode selector lock is getting sticky.

Kinda like an aging senior... seems like all the problems snowpiled at the end.  I've kept the firmware up to date.  I've treated it quite well, and it's served me quite well.  Never actually "wore out" a camera before - previous canon point & shoots dont die until i run them over with a truck.  No idea if this is expected life for a "pro" grade camera.... probably a little disappointing, but then again on a Dollar-Per-Day basis this is how much i spend on cell phones so cant get too bitter.

No progress in looking backwards.  So real question is...

What's Next:  tempted time and time again to flirt with the Fuji XT or Sony A series.  I have and have had XT100s and RX100s and RX1s and I just get along with Olympus far better.   The way they operate is more hardwired to my brain.  (And in a way I'm captive to the lenses and accessories i own).

EM5-ii.... i prefer deep grips and ergonomics of EM1

EM1 used or new-old-stock.... dont feel like paying for a dated copy of a model which with ive had imperfect history.

EM1-ii.... again the prior history kinda colors my perception on new product and at 2k retail it doesnt seem like a value proposition.  also dislike the folding screen.  the rest of the updates dont excite me.

... if only there was an EM1-iii on the horizon.  will probably just hold on to the aging horse until it really and truly kicks the bucket.

Olympus E-M1
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