Nikon teleconverter + 70-300 lens?

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Re: Nikon teleconverter + 70-300 lens?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

briantilley wrote:

We still don't know what TC the OP bought - but he implies it fitted a 70-300mm lens, so it ought not to be one of these. Maybe it's an older TC-14, TC-14A or TC-14B - it would be good to know.

This is a very good point.

I had overlooked that the old TC14a from around 35 years ago might fit.

The 14A does not (from memory) have any electrical CPU contacts; and so would not work with the OP's lens.

TC-14A will fit most lenses, but will of course not AF, but if the lens doesn't have an aperture ring, there will be no way to control the aperture.

If the lens have an aperture ring, it will work as any other non-CPU lens.

Either way, the camera don't know, and will act like if there is a non-CPU lens.

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