Sony RX10 iii (RX10M3) battery rapid discharge/drain

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Re: Sony RX10 iii (RX10M3) battery rapid discharge/drain

CaliforniaDave wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

I swore to myself that I was finished with this subject and the multiple threads that have been generated. However, I couldn't resist. Knowing that I was not going to be shooting with my RX10M3 yesterday, I shot a couple of images, then turned the camera off and put it away. It was showing the battery at 45% capacity. Today, 24 hours later, I turned it back on. Sure enough, the battery had dropped in capacity. It was at only 44% capacity. I guess I should contact Sony tomorrow morning and complain about that 1% point drop when the camera wasn't even turned on.

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My RX10M3 drops far faster than 1% per day when stored. It is in airplane mode, so no drain via wi-fi. I am not doing anything special like removing the battery and re-inserting. Yesterday, the battery was at 80% after doing some shots and I shut it off. Just now I turned it on and it is at 69%. I never did careful measurements of how fast it dropped before, but it has always drained on its own fairly fast. I'd full charge a battery (either a Sony or third party), put it in the camera, took a modest number of shots, then turned off the camera. When I went to use it maybe a week later, the battery was almost dead. I never had this problem with the batteries in my earlier RX10, or A6000, A6300 or A6500, all of which use the same battery as the RX10III.

This is a real thing that is happening to some RX10M3s. Good for you that it isn't happening to your camera, but it is a real thing in mine. Hopefully it is a firmware issue that can be addressed.

I believe you and the OP. There have been a few others (that I know of) to complain as well. I had never tested mine in any way since it had never seemed to be an issue. After testing yesterday, I now know for certain it's not an issue for my particular camera.

It seems odd that it could be a software issue. Since we surely all have the same version of firmware, I can't see why some cameras exhibit this bad behavior, while the majority don't. Sony would have a hard time honestly saying they aren't aware of the issue. They probably hope the complaints just goes away. If it is not a software issue, a recall would be necessary. Not something they want to deal with.

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