Sexist Forum?

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Re: Sexist Forum?

Xan wrote:

Being a newbie myself and from what I've noticed from past trends
with other bulletin boards, the thought of posting as a female to
get the assistance did cross my mind. I've had several posts go

That's interesting. Your poster profile indicates at least one
reponse to nearly every question. I can't even say that.
I've got a knack for ending threads.

I also believe that the quality of this forum has gone down during
the past several months. I don't know if that's because the edge of
the Nikon 990 has been dulled by the appearance of the G1 and the

How so exactly? With the release of every new
camera version, we go though a real active phase where
lots of questions are asked, and answered figured out, and provided.
Yes, it means you don't see as much "really interesting new information"
appearing here every day, but on the other hand, the answers
to most questions should be available in the forum search screen
(annoying 50 hit limit notwithstanding)

It's impossible to keep up a contiuous high level of enthusiasm and
innovation, but that doesn't mean people aren't still out there
taking pictures and seeking new challenges with their Nikons.
You're part of the forum. It's as good as you make it.


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