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Re: XQD Memory Card Price

K1XH wrote:

AWG_Pics wrote:

K1XH wrote:

I have 0 XQD cards. Still too expensive. When I do, I will buy Sony, never Lexar.

I shoot sports, and still have not found a need for anything faster than a good SD card. Anyone who tells you different is just a cork-sniffer...

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Micky - K1XH
Hartland, VT

Wow, I guess I can speculate that you are characterizing XQD card users/proponents as being some sort of pretentious snobs that don't know anything? Through what mystical process did you obtain this knowledge?

Please google 'Dunning Kruger effect '.

No, not at all. To me, they are still just too expensive.

The cork-sniffer jab was at JC, he and I go at it about cards now and again. I just haven't ponied up yet for the new format. As soon as I get another body that will accept them I guess then it is time to abandon CF and SD cards. I just wish Sandisk made them...

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Micky - K1XH
Hartland, VT

I can't really fathom that concept that XQD is too expensive.

The D500 is a fairly expensive camera built for speed. It works at its best with XQD.Granted, it can also use SD, but to me it is like getting on a highway trip with one of those space-saver spare tires.

Luckily, none of my previous cameras used SD. I have a few small SD cards, used in my old (retired) GPS. And one of the Sandisks laminated. I do not own any significant SD card, and my collection of CF cards won't fit. When it came to getting new cards, why would I hobble it with slower cards?

And price is not the object. Right at this minute I can order from Amazon Canada a 32 GB Lexar SD 2000x UHSII for C$83, or a 32 GB Lexar XQD 2933x for C$78.13 on sale. But even the regular price is within reach.

Your circumstances are no doubt different: but price of cards has nothing to do in the equation.

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