Panasonic just announced the FZ70

Started Apr 20, 2017 | Discussions thread
trevmar Senior Member • Posts: 2,469
Re: Panasonic just announced the FZ70

ANAYV wrote:

Mainly due to the European laws that if it records 30minutes , than its a video recorder, and then charge more. Not Panasonics wanting to do this, but to not have to add the extra

Rubbish!  As you say, the key is "for many of its cameras."  I buy my cameras in the USA, and those all used to be free of this restriction, but not any more... No, this limitation is a marketing choice made in an attempt to protect its camcorder division from cameras cannibalizing the camcorder market. It has failed. Pity, because my best cameras were made by Panasonic.

Oh well...

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