Anybody bought the new T7i/800D?

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Re: Pretty Sweet Indeed...And Thank You

RSCPA wrote:

Here's a nice summary of differences between the T7i, 77D and 80D at our very own DPReview:

And here is DP's very recent review of the 77D:

Yes, I am aware of these, and I did look at them. And that's the problem.

Many of the detailed differences are not mentioned there, e.g. the eye sensor. (at least the eye sensor was mentioned in the 760D review)

Other features that are (to me) quite ground breaking, are focusing at f8 (i.e. you can use a 100-400 with a 1.4x teleconverter now). Not mentioned anywhere.

The appearance/existence of the electronic level in Rebels/77D seems to not being mentioned as well.

Yes, there is little difference between the cameras, however, I think the price difference is not that much, here only around 80$. It would be nice if reviews really pointed out all the differences, so people could decide if these extra features are worth it. I agree with you, the top LCD is not what entices me.  Something like the eye sensor weighs more to me in terms of convenience.

Those few differences between the T7i and 77D just aren't worth $150 to me. I've never really used the LCD info display on my 70D so that feature won't be missed. The auto eye sensor on the 77D turns off the rear lcd screen. On the T7i, the rear lcd turns off automatically when the shutter button is depressed half-way. I also assigned the "SET" button, which is at my right thumb when holding the camera, to turn off and on the rear screen when I want.

Of the few differences between the two cameras, the only one I would have liked that's on the 77D is that second dial for those times when I'm in Manual mode. But it's just not worth the price difference for me. Changing the aperture and shutter speed are very simple and nearly as fast imo on the T7i by turning the dial to change shutter speed and then simply pushing the AV button with my right thumb while turning the dial to change the aperture.

Otherwise, based on everything I've read with comparisons between the two, they're both going to take identical photos and video.

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