Are these in focus?

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Re: Are these in focus?

Andy Warren wrote:

Now if you were focused using single point focus on the dog's eye - then its likely that the front of the nose would only just be in focus and so should the ears. However for the shots of the boy-dog standing and sitting it looks like the hairs on the left side of his mussel are in focus but little else. Whereas for the sitting female nothing is actually really sharp -- so it is possible your camera's AF is front focussing.

Now be careful mentioning anything to do with AF Fine tuning here, it looks like you have mentioned it once and you may just get away with it!!

I noticed in your 2nd post, you used "Depth of Focus", which while being less commonly used, is a more accurate term/definition for what most photographers call Depth of Field. I studiously avoided mentioning "Depth of Field" for the reason that Idid not want this thread diverted. God help those of us photographers who actually take photos who use the term DOF rather than Depth of Focus or precisely defining DOF as "the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects giving a focused image as viewed by someone with good eyesight, when viewed in an 8x10 inch print at a distance of 1 foot (~25 cm)". I hope not to open that Pandora's box again and falling into the DPReview DOF "police" - its all about reproduction and viewer's perspective and seemingly little/nothing to do with taking a photo.

And of course any guidance on "exposure" now has to include "Given the light available" (as a proxy for scene luminosity) -- because in certain people's minds Exposure and ISO are not to be included in the same sentence; whereas from the photographer's perspective Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO form part of the exposure triangle given an scene's luminosity.

One has to be soooooo bloody careful.... to avoid being "corrected"

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