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Re: RX100?

I held a Ricoh GR for the first time yesterday. Amazing how small it is and lightweight, I am very drawn to it. Would probably fit in one of the phone bike holders for super easy access. Then pop in pocket when de-mount.

I don't miss my RX100ii at all, despite enjoying it whilst had it. I used it with a waist bag, which was convenient for cycling with the pouch at the rear (the wife told me it looked too uncool having it at the front). It's a great cam, but have seen others say it just didn't "click" with them too. There is something about the simplicity of the Ricoh; just grab and shoot. One focal length, preset focus, often preset to black and white, one button to crop from 28mm to 35mm instead of a zoom. No excuse not to have it 100% of the time...

I have one of the cheaper belt holster clips on the way so will try that first before deciding. Apparently the cheap ones can be strong enough for small M43 cameras, but will put my wrist strap though shirt button at first, just in case. I am going to try and get away with my G7 and 12-32 (485g) for daily cycling, with a GM1 (344g) or Ricoh (248g) the fall back plans.

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