Help wean me off Windows.

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Re: Help wean me off Windows.

AnthonyL wrote:

Austinian wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

I envisage a period of dual running and hoping that the year of desktop Linux will arrive before 2020 or so by which time I'll be truly weaned or buried trying.

That comment makes me curious; how would you define "the year of desktop Linux"?

Google it. Surely you've been around enough that in the past 20-30yrs next year is going to be the "Year of xxxx"? Networks was one, Mobiles I think was another, Laptop?. Others I'm sure have better memories. In general a defining year in which an emerging or geeky technology became mainstream would be my take on it. Several never happened.

Desktop Linux suffers (as far as I yet can see) by the lack of depth in applications driven by the lack of penetration of the system. Of course if I was a real geek (and I wouldn't be here if I was), I'd write (or fork if that's the right term) my own or own variation.

Desktop linux (like most open source software) also suffers from the the "too many cooks" syndrome.  Where there be two open source developers, there shall be at least three versions of the code (and probably half a dozen).  There are over twenty reasonably current linux distros and probably a dozen or more desktop interfaces, each with a fanatical following.  Similarly for office software: there were a number of versions but reasonable convergence around OpenOffice before someone had a hissy fit, and that then forked to LibreOffice.

Without a central authority cracking the whip, it's too easy for everyone to go their own way, which dilutes effort.  It's a process that greatly sparks innovation, but also reduces the chance of code that can rival commercial products in the range and depth of application coverage.

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