Canon 24mm Pancake

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Re: Canon 24mm Pancake

guinness2 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

guinness2 wrote:

but is "focus-by-wire" and not as ergonomic when manually focusing as is the more tactile USM drive of the EF.

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The pancake is considerably cheaper in terms of cost. I don't know what focus by wire means though ?

It means that it doesn't use by (manual) focusing direct coupling between the focusing ring and mechanism, but electronic commands, see "fly by wire" . Doesn't matter that much.

It does since on an electronic focus lens you can't manual focus without a half shutter press.

I mean it is not the main difference. I don't remember when I focused manually. Nevertheless, you are right.

plus focus by wire has lag since you are not directly moving the lens elements. With a traditional lens the points of focus possible is infinite while focus by wire is akin to "manual" focus on a p&s camera that has a powered lens - only certain focus distances.

What matters IMHO is the physical size difference of both lenses. If you combine the pancake lens with 100D camera , your set is nearly "pocketable"

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