First week with my X-T20 & 18-55

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First week with my X-T20 & 18-55

Ok so here are my thoughts after 1 week days with thet X-T20 + 18-55

The past two years my tools where an Olympus EM10, and then a D7200. Both are great. After returning to a DSLR, i used a D50 before, the EM10 just was not goed enough for me.
The weight and size of the D7200 is limiting it's use, so i wanted something small on the side.

-When i first saw it real life, i was very happy that i choose the grey one, which was a big gamble for me at the time.
It looks better than on pictures where the grey seems a lot lighter.
It also feels very nice, a bit my old school 80's Nikkor lenses

-I had a small scare that there was something wrong with the camera (vigneting, slow autofocus, freezing during AF)
That was the result of the Adv2 the drive mode wich was selected with toy camera' mode being assigned to it...straight out of the factory. Handy.

-Battery life is short. Shorter than that of the EM10. Real short! I will buy a third battery. I have never owned three batteries...except for my RC cars
USB charging gives some relief.

-The camera gets warm when using intensively..Never seen that before, except with the XT2 i rented earlier
I've read that this is a "when new" thing....i guess it's still new

-The 18-55 is marked as 'Made in Philippines'.....
Earlier i read someware Fuji moved the production line for this lens.
I like it when something says Made in Japan

-The Focus and zoom rings on the lens are heavily dampened. Maybe a bit too heavy for my taste, especially the zoom.
Second thought...they are actually perfect...better even than some old school 70's nikkors i have. I can zoom very smoothly in video!
Try that with a modern Nikkor lens.

-The 18-55 is nice, but a smaller prime would make an ideal lightweight combo. But i also wanted maybe later

-O.I.S. is not as good as Oly IBIS, but better than a Nikkor 24-85 VR, it works good enough during video

-The EVF switches on waaaay too slow!!
When i put my eye against it, i have to wait and to see it switching on.
A find this irritating. Any lag in this proces can and will make me miss a shot
Never had that with my EM10, it was as if the EVF was always on.
The work arround is setting the camera up to EVF allways on,...but i also want to use de LCD screen...
This is the biggest downside with this camera to me.
Firmware update please!!

-Video quality i find impressive compared to what i'm used to (EM10/D7200). Also C-AF actually works, comparing....
It does not hunt,..or very little, transitions are smooth
I did notice some flickering under indoor light and have not found a setting to switch to Hz for my region.

-I do not use the touch screen, i use the directional buttons to move the focus points. Which i think works great!
I've also tested the joystick on the XT2 when i rented it...yes that works a bit better, but not a lot.

-Focus peaking works great, a whole lot better than on an EM10 (and EM1 mark1). Being able to choose the color of it is nice!
For me it was one of the reasons for buying this camera, glad it does not disapoint. Try red Focus peaking on black & white, sublime!

-I hated the drive mode dial on the XT2. So i'm glad the way it IS useable on the XT20. I dont miss the ISO dial one bit, thats what the wheels are for.
Would be nice if it could be programmed to the front dial...When is the next firmware update coming out?

-The Q menu is a nice interface! Refreshing after olympus (complex for some) and Nikon (good but old fashioned)

-I disliked the AF setting button. Untill i found out i could see the setting i (blindly) choose in the EVF. Now i don't have to turn around the camera to check the setting.

-To me the control wheels turn the wrong way. Adjusting ISO, or changing Q menu settings feels the wrong way around. It seems as if this can not be adjusted.
By the way, this was possible on the Olympus EM10

-The SD card jumps! There is no friction in the SD card slot. Wich means; if your finger tip slides of the edge of the SD card while changing it, it will be launched!
Not funny when you are at something like a concert.

So far....

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