Will the A9 actually be a "wakeup call" for Sony?

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Re: No. Nikon's roadmap is set

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The problem is we don't know what that roadmap is. Hence, all the angst and hand-wringing.

The announcement of the A9 will not change their plans. I'm sure Canon and Nikon are well aware of what technologies are available. I doubt the A9 technology was a shock to them. There might have been some raised eyebrows that it will be released next month instead of maybe the end of year or something.

Having said that, it doesn't change the concern that Nikon could be too far behind to compete. If I was Nikon I'd be more concerned that Canon comes out soon with a high quality mirrorless in an SLR form factor. Canon, with their lens lineup would be far rougher competition than Sony.

Canon has an inherent advantage in mirrorless technology ahead of Nikon AND Sony --

Their EF lens system is already designed to be fully electronic. So all their EF lenses should be very functional in a fully electronic mirrorless system. It's the reason their lenses adapt pretty darn nicely on to Sony cameras. And why all their lenses work well with dual pixel AF.

On the other hand --- For Sony, their old Minolta A-mount system, it used a lot of old technology -- screw drive lenses, mechanical aperture controls -- Not really great for a mirrorless based system, so Sony basically ditched the entire mount, and started again from scratch.

Now, after 4 years of building up a full frame system, their lens lineup is just starting to look pretty filled out. (but with some obvious gaps).

Canon doesn't really need a whole separate lens system -- their entire lens system works very well with mirrorless.

Nikon is in the position Sony was in a few years ago -- But they can't take 4+ years to start a new system from scratch at this point. They do have a nice big library of G lenses that are mostly electronic -- but even most of those lenses still use mechanical apertures. I've adapted Nikon lenses to Sony mirrorless -- compared to adapting Canon, it's a mess.

So honestly.. Nikon would have trouble going with a full electronic mirrorless system that is compatible with their current lens system. Just like the Sony A9 -- it only shoots 20 fps with no blackout when using native lenses. Adapted Sony lenses have AF limitations, and the aperture can only shoot at 10 fps.

So Nikon may have a dilemma -- it's too late to start a whole new mount. But legacy support may require a great deal of compromises for mirrorless/electronic shutters, etc.

Nikon are currently making new lenses with a electronic diaphragm, including the two workhorse lenses the 24-70 and 70-200 plus at least 7 others inc the 200-500, 105 f1.4 plus most of the super telephoto lenses. If they produce a mirrorless with the F mount but without mechanical aperture or focus screw drive they already have a range of professional lenses, only the 14-24 needs a remake for wide coverage.

Will the F mount support FF IBS - too small in diameter ?

Same diameter as sony,

No , Sony is over 46mm and that is still till a bit tight for FF sensor wriggle room .

Look at the photo of a Sony E mount adaptor fitted into a F mount on the Nikkormat . If it was bigger than the Nikon it wouldnt fit. What you are looking at is the equivalent of fitting a Sony lens onto a Nikon body. It simply attaches clockwise.

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